Montana Intergenerational Storytelling Theater – Logo Design

The below M.I.S.T.’s mission statement helped me to design the logo’s slogan, “Walk In My Shoes,” and thus the idea of boots and theater masks in the mark.MIST_LOGO

“To provide an interactive environment across generations in which to explore the common stories that affect our lives.”

What different generations have in common is their experiences specific to the times they lived in. Our lives’ experiences change with our age and, as years pass, the old ones often devaluate, or are simply forgotten.

If the upcoming, young generations have an opportunity to listen to, or even experience, the events from the older generations’ lives, and vice versa, the exchange becomes a gift from one generation to the other – a gift of empathy.

MIST gives this exchange a chance trough reenactment that happens on stage between two generations.”